Data Conversion Services

Data is the support of any business that deals with the flow of info as the starting point for its success. The raw data is transformed into a meaningful form. In this respect Data Conversion plays a pivotal role in consolidating the flow of info and regulating the similar. Data conversion has many benefits and the main ones are to do with data seizure and storage in an electronic layout. We at Manhattan Data LLC provide the subsequent benefits in Data Conversion Services

  • Changing data from an unstructured format into an electric one.
  • Combining data from outdated sources like paper and file based formats into numerical formats. Data entry conversion thus prevents the data loss for any society. Digital imaging transformation that stores the images in a digital format.
  • Transforming PDF documents into MS Word formats and vice versa.

Data Conversion Services



Data Processing Services

Manhattan Data LLC provides comprehensive Data Processing Services at cost-effective rates. Our skilled Data Entry workers key in raw data of any form to present it in visual, tabular or textual format in form of useful info. Our domain proficiency in managing Data Extraction, Data Capture, Data Entry Verification and Data Entry projects with certain accuracy and fast turnaround time, which meets all your business necessities.

So partner with us and obtain new clients, make revenue, improve your present customer communications, and develop brand equity, by joining us and taking benefit of our thorough improving understanding in Data Processing Services.


Outsourcing Data Processing

Outsourcing Data Processing Services not only helps you reduce your operational and administrative costs suggestively, it also allows you to invest the time and money in other indispensable areas of your profession. Some of the benefits of outsourcing data processing tasks to Manhattan Data LLC are:

  • Large-volume Data Processing Outsourcing decreases that burden by hiring your offshore partner takes that up for you.
  • Data is entered in various formats – papers, images, scans, forms etc. We have the essential technical resources to capture data from all kinds of input formats.
  • Perform complex arithmetical analyses to gather critical evidence about your business, customer, competitors and stakeholders