Healthcare Services

Medical Billing & Coding

MDLLC provides medical billing and coding services to doctors. MDLLC facilitates the doctor from Medical bill generation to bill processing and payment. This helps improve provider billing.

Manhattan Data LLC USA will support you to take control of revenue cycle management procedures and your whole practice workflow. Our EMR billing and coding process eliminates needless claim dismissals and delays through a whole integration of workflow, billing and repayment management. Along with an influential electronic medicinal records package, this enables us to connect effectively with your staff and third party payers. Clean claims and a practice-specific instructions engine will intensely increase your lowest line.

healthcare services

Claims Processing Services

MDLLC helps client process Medical claims at insurance companies and doctor offices. The claims are analyzed, processed and checked for validity. MDLLC has a strict quality processes to ensure highest quality of Claims Processed.

Manhattan Data LLC USA improves the effectiveness and efficiency of medical claims processing through:

  • Automatic receivables process, including patient eligibility verification
  • Primary and secondary claims repayment
  • Rejected and deprived of claims management
  • Electronic remittance posting
  • Claims and remittance reporting and analysis
  • Patient statement processing

To find out more about how you can develop your medical claims processing, contact us today.

Data Management and Cleansing

With MDLLC’s multiple years of experience in Data Management, we have proven quality processes that result in better quality of data at significantly lower costs. MDLLC provides services such as Data additions, Updates and Cleansing.

Data Management and Cleansing services include the procedure of distinguishing and modifying errors and discrepancies from a data set in order to improve its quality.

Our data cleaning services aim not just to clean the records, but also to transport consistency to diverse data sets that have been amalgamated from other sources.